Diving Logbook

  • Cover


    Waterproof, debossed cover with a high quality, soft feel.
  • Front page

    Front page

    Keep your personal details & dive info here, just in case your book gets lost.
  • Logbook legend

    Logbook legend & How to use this book

    A simple guide to the logbook so you can easily use it on your own.
  • Medical examination page

    Medical examination page

    Keep track of your medical examinations before you dive. Get your physician fill to out this page after your examination.
  • Diving tips

    Diving tips

    Helpful diving tips for beginners (and reminders for experts). Also keep track of your gear sizes for easier equipment rental.
  • Notes pages

    Notes pages

    Of course, we left you some room for individual planning and note-taking.
  • Dive map

    Dive map

    Keep track of all your dives on this handy world map for an overview of all your amazing underwater adventures.
  • Things I want to see

    Things I want to see

    You will never see everything underwater at one time, so keep track of your ultimate things-to-see list.
  • Places I want to dive

    Places I want to dive

    A handy list to keep track of all those dream dives you want to go on one day.
  • Index


    Create your own helpful index so you can easily look up those memorable dives.
  • Inspirational quote page

    Inspirational quote page

    Just a fun quote to inspire you on your dives.
  • Diving logbook page

    Diving logbook page

    For every dive, there is a quick-fill logbook page for all the essential dive details and space for some unforgettable stories & wildlife spotted.
  • Location, Conditions and Dive

    Location, Conditions and Dive

    Log the date, location, condition (waves, currents, visibility, temperature) and dive statistics (time, air, depth, surface interval and the kind of dive).
  • Equipment, Comments and Stamps

    Equipment, Comments and Stamps

    Quickly log the equipment, information about the dive operator, and buddies. Use the free text field for stories & details from the dive.

About this book

Here’s a dive logbook that can actually join you on your dive…
We found it hard to get our hands on a well-designed, practical dive logbook. Most available logbooks have either too much detail (things you just never bother to fill out) or too little space to write about all the wildlife and adventures you experienced on your dive. Our Bear InMind diving logbook is the perfect combination of dive details and space for free writing, all combined into a clean design. Better yet, this book is printed on 100% waterproof stone paper, meaning you could even fill out the logbook underwater during your dive! Now that’s what we call a practical dive logbook.
• 50 dives per book
• Name and cover page
• How to use this book
• Medical examination page
• Dive tips
• Dive map
• Things I want to see
• Places I want to dive
• Index pages
• Blank note pages
• Pocket size format (112x170mm)
• Waterproof debossed cover
• Waterproof stone paper
• Quick-fill format
• Easy-to-use design
• Durable material
• Eco-friendly