Restaurant Logbook

  • Cover


    Waterproof, debossed cover with a high quality, soft feel.
  • Front page

    Front page

    Keep your personal details and important contact information here, just in case your book gets lost.
  • How to use this book

    How to use this book

    A simple how-to guide for the logbook.
  • My restaurants index

    My restaurants index & rating

    A handy index for all your favorite restaurants.
  • My Eateries

    My Eateries & Take-outs index & rating

    A quick list of your favourite eatery & take-out places for those moments when you need food now.
  • Restaurants I want to go to

    Restaurants I want to go to

    So many restaurants, so little time! Keep track of where you want to go next.
  • Eateries

    Eateries & Take-out I need to try

    Quick bites and take-out never get old and there’s always a new place to try, so write down all those must-try eats here.
  • Notes pages

    Notes pages

    Of course, we also left you some room for individual planning and note-taking.
  • Blank pages

    Blank pages

    Take notes, draw pictures, tape in receipts, or let your food imagination run wild!
  • Restaurant logbook page

    Restaurant logbook page

    For every food moment, the quick-fill double logbook page allows you to write down all the essentials from dining, service and food experiences, with space for those unforgettable stories too.
  • Category and occasion

    Category and occasion

    Note restaurant details or easily attach the business card for future reference. Log the date, cuisine, price range, bill, occasion, dining companions and who made the suggestion.
  • Dishes and opinion

    Dishes and opinion

    Food! The most important part. Log your dishes and thoughts. There is also space for a second or third visit if you decide you can’t get enough.
  • Restaurant and service

    Restaurant and service

    Categorize your visit & the place and rate your experience in terms of service, speed, cleanliness and popularity.
  • Rating and Sketches

    Rating and Sketches

    Write stories and background info in the notes space or sketch the best plated dish.

About this book

Calling all foodies! Keeping track of all those dream dishes just became a whole lot easier (and it’s ok if you get some food on it)…
Do you find yourself always trying to remember that one place with the great bruschetta? That local delight you ate at in Florence with the infamous Florentine steak? Now you can record all those food adventures in one place, from your hometown favs to unforgettable travel bites. The Bear InMind restaurant logbook has convenient quick-fill fields to remember basics about service, speed and cleanliness. There’s also lots of space for notes on the dishes or even inspirational doodles. The logbook is printed on 100% eco-friendly stone paper and is completely waterproof, food- and spill- Keeping track of life’s most delicious moments just became a whole lot easier!
• 32 entries per book
• Name and cover page
• How to use this book
• My restaurants
• My eateries & take-outs
• Restaurants I want to go to
• Eateries & take-outs I need to try
• Blank note pages
• Bank drawing pages
• Pocket size format (112x170mm)
• Waterproof debossed cover
• Waterproof stone paper
• Quick-fill format
• Easy-to-use design
• Durable material
• Eco-friendly
• Pocket (optional)