Our mission


Our mission is to make life’s amazing moments last forever
without negatively impacting the environment.
Why we do what we do.
Bear InMind logbooks was born from a simple need. One sad day, we realized that we had lost one of our precious dive logbooks. When we tried to replace it with a well-designed alternative, we found few options out there. This gave us the idea to create our own.
But the idea didn’t stop there.
As both avid travellers and adventurers, wracking our brains to fill out blank journal pages after a long day of exploring was always the last thing we wanted to do! Unfortunately, this meant that many of our precious travel moments were forgotten. This gave us the idea for pre-formatted graphical logbooks for traveling and other activities that are quick and easy to complete. Though the books sprang out of a personal need, we quickly realized that many people felt the same way.
As dedicated environmentalists, we continuously strive to develop eco-friendly, sustainable products. Our logbooks are printed exclusively on stone paper through a tree-free process. Stone paper is not only sustainable but also makes our logbooks waterproof, highly durable and tear-resistant.
These features make our logbooks ideal for any outdoor or underwater activities.
We want to become your one-stop shop for logbooks for all activities. We hope you enjoy our current range of logbooks and are looking forward to our 2nd generation!

About us

We are two social entrepreneurs with a passion for travelling and building awareness about environmental conservation & preservation.

Scientist, adventure-seeker, foodie, animal-lover, entrepreneur

Dr. Kasia Weina, Co-founder, USA

Scientist, adventure-seeker, foodie, animal-lover, entrepreneur & passionate environmentalist
Business man, foodie, animal-lover, adrenaline-junkie, entrepreneur

Jan Zellmann, Co-founder, Germany

Business man, foodie, animal-lover, adrenaline-junkie, entrepreneur & passionate environmentalist

Why logbooks matter.

People forget 40% of what they’ve
learned or done in 20 minutes
People forget 50-80% of what they’ve
learned or done after one day
People forget around 77% of
what they’ve learned or done in six days
People forget 90% of what they’ve
learned or done after one month

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A little bit of science.

A memory is much more valuable than any souvenir, so it’s important to make it last.
Although you may be convinced that you remember special or key life events accurately, studies have continually shown that memories fade In fact, you are likely to only remember around 20% after one month. Without anchor points to remind yourself, your brain won’t accurately remember all those amazing moments you’ve have experienced.


That’s why we created this quick and easy way of journaling.


Call it a journal or diary, as long as you write it down, it will stick. We’ve made it easy to jot down those key details and help you remember all those awesome adventures. Bear InMind logbooks allow you to log your life and adventures in seconds, so you can waste less time recording them and more time enjoying them.
That’s why we call them logbooks. We think you’re going to love them.

The forgetting curve

The forgetting curve hypothesizes the decline of memory retention in time. This curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it. After one month, you only retain 21% of a memory.