Stone paper

No wood, no waste, no pollution


superior quality and properties.

It’s greener.
No Wood

Our paper is 100% wood-free, meaning that no trees are chopped down for our logbooks. But this is not the only eco-friendly feature nor the only contribution to a low carbon footprint.

No Waste

The main raw material in stone paper is stone waste from the mining industry. It can be recycled indefinitely as it contains no fibers like wood-based paper, which can only be recycled around 5 to 7 times.

No Water

The stone paper production process does not require the vast amounts of precious water used in traditional paper manufacturing processes to rinse off harsh and toxic chemicals.

No Pollution

Stone paper uses no acids, alkalis or bleaching agents – in other words, fewer pollutants than any wood-based paper product – has superior durability and is photodegradable.

It’s better.

Our logbooks are printed on stone paper and are 100% waterproof, perfect for all outdoor activities. You can even write on it underwater with a graphite pencil. Stone paper can also withstand liquid spills without any trace of stains.


Stone paper is tear-resistant, insect-resistant and dirt & stain-proof. It is also softer than normal paper, reducing paper cuts! Stone paper’s insect-resistance makes it last forever, even in a moth-filled attic or basement.

Soft touch

The smooth and grainless surface of stone paper eliminates the need for special coatings or lamination. It feels smooth, absorbs less ink and has brilliant color properties. Almost any kind of ball-pen or pencil can be used for writing on stone paper.

Professional high quality production!